2015 Practice Marketing Conference

We are pleased to announce that our annual Practice Marketing Conference (PMC) will be held July 23-26th at The Curtis Hotel in Denver, Colorado.

PMC attendees will hear presentations related to a variety of marketing tactics including digital and social media, branding, patient education and referral-based programs. A number of ophthalmic industry experts and nationally recognized speakers have signed on to present at the event and take part in the panel discussion. See what events we have planned for this year’s PMC here.

Previous conferences have included both rural and urban practices from across the nation with differing volume and resources dedicated to marketing. “The goal of the event is to bring together individuals with varying degrees of experience and provide them with the tools, tactics and knowledge they need to elevate their marketing,” said Nicole Monacell, Director of Marketing and Inside Sales for Sightpath Medical. “It is our hope that this sharing of ideas will enable practices that promote an elective procedure or premium experience, to grow volume and enhance their profile in the community.”


We are excited to welcome Carla Johnson as our keynote speaker for this year’s PMC. See more about Carla and other PMC speakers here.