Dan Robins

Chief Operating Officer


Dan joined Sightpath in December of 1998 first as a Laser Engineer with LaserVision and later holding the positions of Senior Engineer; North East Operations Manager; Manager of Recruitment, Staff Development and Research; Director of Senior Engineering and Research; and National Director of Access Operations. Next, Dan became Vice President of Operations in January of 2006 where he was responsible for all day-to-day operations of the mobile refractive program at TLC Vision. Today, Dan serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Sightpath Medical.

Dan is now responsible for all mobile refractive and mobile cataract operations for Sightpath Medical. He manages seven Operations Directors who, in turn, oversee seven Sr. Operations Specialists, 24 Cataract Techs, 34 Refractive Engineers, 10 LASIK Techs, 12 Internal Operations & Inventory staff members.

Dan began his career in operations and logistics while serving in the United States Army as an Avenger Missile System Technician from 1989-1997. He holds an AAS in Laser Electro-Optics and is finishing his B.A. in Business Management from Missouri Baptist. He resides in Farmington, Minnesota with his wife, Sandra, and two sons, David and Matthew.