The market leader in advanced ophthalmic solutions

At Sightpath, our goal is to make state-of-the-art technology and services an economic possibility wherever and whenever they are needed. Sightpath mobile and fixed-location solutions enable ophthalmologists and healthcare facilities to provide better, more convenient care to their patients.

We are the leading U.S. provider of ophthalmic services for cataract and refractive surgery. More than 250 Sightpath employees serve hundreds of surgeons and facilities in both rural and urban communities across the country. We have earned their trust through the quality of our equipment, the skill of our technologists and engineers, and the dedication and responsiveness of our staff.

Sightpath On The Move

Sightpath employees travel over 3 million miles ever year to deliver quality care, close to home. We are pleased to serve more than 1300 surgeons in 49 states.

We Believe

Our mission is to deliver outstanding customized services, preferred technologies and breakthrough products that significantly enhance the ability of physicians and facilities to improve and restore the vision of patients.

I Choose Sightpath

Sightpath is the chosen partner of more than 1300 surgeons and 850 facilities across the nation, making us the leading provider of access to advanced ophthalmic technologies.