Why Sightpath? Reliability.

At Sightpath, we understand that dependable service is non-negotiable. Our nationwide network of top-quality surgical technologists, engineers, and clinical experts allows us the unique opportunity to offer a level of reliability to our customers that is unmatched in our industry.

Partnering with the market leader in mobile ophthalmic surgery has its benefits.

Unparalleled Coverage Across the United States

With nearly 200 vehicles on the road, Sightpath has an unmatched ability to coordinate convenient surgery days. Our extensive, nationwide coverage also allows us to provide back-up equipment, instruments, supplies, or staff when necessary.

Consistency You Can Count On

Our technologists and engineers only perform ophthalmic surgery. We understand that consistency is vital in the operating room, so we also make sure that you’re working with the same tech every surgery day.

Manufacturer-Trained Support

In the unlikely event of equipment failure, the Sightpath team is trained by the manufacturer to troubleshoot and make repairs, resulting in less down time and fewer cancelled case days. We stand by your side throughout the day, keeping your equipment at peak efficiency and supporting your staff.