Why Sightpath? Partnership.

We share a common path and are invested in your success. From clinical and staff training to ongoing practice development support, we are with our customers every step of the way. At Sightpath, we believe we are in this together.

Get everything you need for cataract and refractive surgery from one source.

Clinical Support for Cataract and Refractive Surgery

Our experienced clinical team can help with training and certification as well as complex case management. We also provide ongoing clinical support to ensure safety and quality standards.

Laser Cataract Training at Your Fingertips

Sightpath can help you operationalize your new femtosecond laser for cataract surgery by guiding you through the onboarding process. Our manufacturer-certified expert technologists will guide you through your first case day and beyond.

Marketing Your Ophthalmology Practice Made Easy

Whether you need help with LASIK marketing or building awareness for your cataract services, Sightpath Creative is ready to help. Our award-winning marketing team of writers, designers, and strategists can manage your social media, optimize your website, create patient brochures, and more.