Certified First Responders at Sightpath HQ

Dolores Urban, Director of Human Resources, and the management team recently identified a group of ‘first responders’ among employees at the Bloomington, MN, corporate headquarters. Dolores facilitated a certification session with the American Heart Association, for our 9-person team to spend several hours last week with a Nurse Instructor.

During our certification session, we learned Infant, Child and Adult CPR techniques as well as proper administration of an AED (defibrillator) and using the Heimlich maneuver to resolve an obstructed airway. While many of our ophthalmic technicians in the field would consider this type of exercise just a day-in-the-life, it’s new to most of our staff at the corporate headquarters. We all hope to never have to use our new or refreshed skills, but take comfort in the fact that so many of us are now willing and trained to respond to emergencies if the need ever arises.