Behind the Scenes: Filming during the AAO

While attending this year’s AAO, members of our leadership, sales and operations teams took time from their meeting schedule to record some footage that will be used in several new promotional and educational videos. Look for the premiers of these new videos over the next 6 weeks.

There is a lot of work that goes in to the videos that Sightpath produces, and there is always an energy of excitement on shoot days! Here are a few behind the scenes images from our most recent shoot:

At Sightpath, we believe that one of the best means by which to communicate the products and services we offer is film. On our website, we have videos for each of our Cataract, Refractive and MoFe (mobile femto for cataract) product lines on topics from demos of a typical case day, to what an installation looks like and what goes in to a site survey. We also have videos of our leadership and other staff members discussing the company history and philosophy. We know that our customers often have very positive things to say about our services, our technicians and engineers, and the access we provide to them, so we have many video testimonials on file, too! (View all of our Videos)