The Night Before Case Day


‘Twas the night before case day

And all across the nation

The Sightpath team had arrived

At their scheduled destination


The docs and their staff

had all gone to sleep

While the Sightpath elves prepared

Not making a peep


Little did the practice know

When they signed up with the Sightpath Team

That the workshop would start humming

Lots to do behind the scenes!


Preferences were logged

With the greatest of care

So when surgery day arrived

All the right stuff would be there


The field team and clinical

Would help them find their way

You know all they do is eyes

All day, every day


With a patented transport system

The equipment won’t get cold or wet

Lasers will be calibrated each day

On this fact you can bet


And don’t forget Marketing

They save you time, they say

With tools and samples to help with growth

More benefits beyond case day!


With more than two decades in the business

It’s hard not to recognize

That Sightpath expertise cannot be matched

They have improved vision in more than 2 million eyes!


So from HR to Finance

And Sales to Ops

From Contracting to Technologists

and Engineers making the stops


They are quick to respond

With schedules and with billing

Any order you need

Inventory will be filling


With a nod

And a smile

And a yes we sure can!

Sightpath will not stop

Till they make you a fan


They have many busy elves

250 to be exact

But one thing they all have in common

Is that they have made a pact


To be a trusted partner

From sea to shining sea

To get their customers everything they need

Whatever that might be


So when the doctor and the staff

Made their way into the room

The found the OR ready

And a smiling figure in blue


The equipment was in place

And the supplies were fully stocked

The latest technology was available

For all of the patients who flocked


Procedures were performed

Without any stress

The patients were happy

The day was a success!


So he loaded the truck

with smile and wink

Said don’t worry I’ll back

for your next case day in a blink.


And I heard him exclaim

as he drove out of sight

Merry Christmas to all

and to all a good night!


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