Confidence + Communication = Conversion

The Sightpath Sales and Marketing Team has helped more than 200 practices launch their laser cataract surgery offering. From small practices in rural areas to large, multi-surgeon facilities in big cities, practices that were most successful in adopting this new technology employed many of the same tactics.

In order for your staff to effectively promote your new procedure, it is imperative that they understand it. If possible, we suggest taking key members of your team to observe the consultation, procedure and follow-up visits at a practice that has already successfully implemented laser cataract technology. They will be able to see the flow and results firsthand, helping to inspire those who may be resistant to change. If you are unable to arrange such a visit, there are many side-by-side videos available online which clearly outline the differences between traditional cataract surgery and the laser cataract option. Additionally, take this opportunity to test out your patient education materials. Use these materials as a tool to train your team and encourage them to share the items with their families. If your staff can answer basic questions in a low-pressure environment, they will be positioned well to communicate effectively with patients. (SPM Customers refer to Resource Library Items: Surgery Options Slideshow, LenSx Standard Animation, Cataract Options Brochure)

Consistently, Sightpath customers have asked for assistance with instructing their staff how to communicate the details of the laser-cataract offering to patients.  We recommend using scripting to help your team get started, keeping in mind all aspects of the conversation; from introduction of the procedure to the response to common questions. Provide your staff with a visual aid such as a flip chart, placemat, diagram or presentation to help them stay on script. This will ensure the team presents a consistent message and will also make them appear prepared and credible. As an added bonus, the use of a well-produced visual aid will help those patients who are visual learners understand the content better. It’s a win-win! (SPM Customers refer to Resource Library Items: Winning Words, Conversion Conversations, Tech Scripting)

Any successful endeavor is undertaken with a goal in mind. Be realistic as you set your objectives, allow for ramp up time in the beginning and take into account holidays, vacations, seasonality and any other practice events that may affect patient flow. Be sure to share not only your conversion goals, but also how you mean to achieve them as a team. Ask for suggestions and make everyone a part of the process. Remember, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it – so be certain to communicate with your team how you will measure your success – and how you will celebrate together when you achieve your goals. (SPM Customers refer to Resource Library Items: Staff Buy-In, Webinar: Larry Patterson, MD – “How I Did It”, Metrics)

– Written by Nicole Monacell, Director of Marketing and Inside Sales for Sightpath Medical

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