Where There’s a Need, There’s Also an Opportunity!

Maybe supporting your patient’s head with a loose towel isn’t a great idea?

Every site had its own trick to get the patient head in the correct alignment for laser treatment; towels, wadded-up scrubs, pillows, and more. At Sightpath Medical, we do more than 60,000 cataract surgeries each year and more than 75,000 laser-assisted cataract cases since 2013, so we’ve seen a lot.

Clinical staff at Sightpath Medical has seen that corneal folds due to patient movement are the most common reason for tags. Having the patient in a stable, level position is important for the laser capsulotomy and fragmentation of the lens.

We needed a way to limit the lateral movement of the head from side-to-side as well as elevating the head and neck of the patient to provide that level plane for effective laser docking. After seeing all the makeshift remedies surgeons used in the OR to get that proper alignment, we knew we had an opportunity. We developed the MoFe Stabilizer, a simple reusable device to get patients into that correct alignment, quickly and comfortably.

The MoFe Stabilizer is used in every one of Sightpath Medical’s laser-assisted cataract surgeries to help our surgeons get the best results possible from the laser. This innovation is just one of the many benefits that Sightpath provides to cataract surgeons nationwide, each and every day.

Learn more about Sightpath Medical’s Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery offering or order a MoFe Stabilizer for your own OR.