How Sightpath Keeps You and Your Practice Safe

Healthcare compliance is an important – yet often confusing – part of the medical field.

“When people hear the word ‘compliance,’ they get kind of antsy,” explains Ben Wright, Sightpath Medical’s compliance officer. Ben Wright joined the company in 2017 after working in compliance at Target Pharmacy, Prime Therapeutics, and NovuHealth. He’s also served as a prosecutor and defense attorney in the US Army. “They think it’s our job to shoot down their ideas and make things difficult.”

But compliance programs are essential – not only because they protect patients, but also because they protect healthcare workers. Staying current on legal and regulatory standards keeps your practice safe and your patients happy.

Unfortunately, small businesses like physician groups don’t always have their own compliance program.

We make compliance easy

“We’re like the sentries on the wall,” says Wright. “We defend our partners and keep them safe from regulatory risk.”

Since Sightpath Medical has a mature compliance program (unlike many other vendors), we can guard practices against improper payments, fraud and abuse, and other potential liability areas. Our compliance program ensures that our relationship with you meets the requirements of the Anti-Kickback Statute, HIPAA, False Claims Act, and the Stark Law.

“Because we have such a sophisticated compliance program, we can spot challenges, issues, and risks that other small vendors can’t. All of these benefits are transferred to you.”

Healthcare workers who don’t stay up to date on the latest regulations risk exclusion from Medicare or Medicaid, thereby losing a substantial number of patients.

“But we’re always up to date,” continues Wright. “We understand market conditions and monitor what the government is emphasizing at any given time.”

“In other words, we’re always in tune with the regulatory environment.”

We’re here for you

Sightpath Medical takes pride in providing access to advanced ophthalmic equipment and services to our customers. We also take pride in achieving these goals in a compliant and ethical manner. With our comprehensive compliance program, we can help you balance your business objectives with legal and compliance risks.

Do have any questions about how our compliance program can benefit your practice? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to tell you how Sightpath can keep your practice safe.