Let’s Face It: People Are Afraid of LASIK

For many patients, the idea of reshaping your eye with a laser sounds like something straight out of a horror movie.

“Will it hurt?”

“Can the laser go through my skull?”

“What if I blink or move? Is that dangerous?”

Eyecare professionals know that LASIK is overwhelmingly safe, and that the vast majority of patients come out of the procedure feeling satisfied. But how can you convey that information to your prospective patients? Is there a quick, straight forward way to soothe their fears?

Conquering the fear of LASIK with an explainer video

An explainer video is a short video used to promote your brand’s value. A good explainer video should be both eye-catching and informative, taking the viewer on a journey that ultimately influences their purchasing decision.

Over the last couple years, you may have noticed more and more explainer videos popping up on your Facebook feed. After all, explainer videos are designed to be easily shareable, encouraging countless eyes to take in the content. Video posts on Facebook receive at least 59% more engagement than other post types and outperform photos by 73%. In addition, 46% of users take action after viewing a video advertisement, and 96% of online shoppers find videos helpful when making purchasing decisions.

So, is this trend worth pursuing in the LASIK world?

We think so, particularly when it comes to quelling common fears of refractive surgery. Even though LASIK is one of the most popular elective surgeries in the world, many people still have misconceptions about the procedure that cause them to avoid it. They might think it’s too expensive, too risky, or too “icky” – after all, most people don’t like to think about anything touching their eye, let alone a laser.

Why not create a clever, shareable video that reassures prospective patients that everything is going to be okay?

Introducing: the Fear of LASIK campaign

Sightpath Medical’s award-winning marketing team joined up with the digital animation studio Idea Rocket, a company that’s provided explainer videos for businesses including Citibank, Rubbermaid, and Marriott along with dozens of other smaller organizations.

We believe we’ve created an ideal explainer video to convince hesitant patients to take another look at LASIK. Creative design work, statistics, and engaging animation are front and center in this marketing campaign. We’ll help your prospective patients reach the next step in their treatment journey.

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