Top 5 Blogs of 2019

Every year, we take a moment to find the five blogs that resonated with our audience the most. Was it our blog about how laser-assisted cataract surgery benefits astigmatism? Our blog about how to improve patient experience? Or our post about boosting social media engagement?

Check out our five most popular blogs of the year!

5. Stop It with the Giant Eyeballs!

For people who work in ophthalmology, looking at eyeballs isn’t a big deal. Your patients, however, might find it a little… unsettling.

In the linked blog, we discuss ways clinics can maintain a patient-centered approach in their social media. Which images should you use, and which ones should you avoid? How can you reach prospective patients without alienating your more squeamish viewers?

4. Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Unbranded Patient Materials

If you already have free brochures from the manufacturer, do you really need to spend money on branded materials?

Yes! Consistent branding is essential to building your practice. Check out this blog to see five reasons why unbranded patient materials may be harming your bottom line.

3. Are LASIK Prospects Slipping by Your Front Desk?

Are you following up on your potential LASIK patients? All of them?

Too often, LASIK prospects never make it beyond your front desk. Why? And how can you increase the odds of getting them to surgery day? This blog discusses subtle, helpful ways to boost your conversion rate and make sure more of your prospective patients make it to the OR.

2. Going Above and Beyond: 4 Ways to Show Patient Appreciation

You appreciate your patients. But do they know it?

When prospective patients search for an ophthalmology practice, most of them aren’t looking for the cheapest option — they’re looking for a practice where they can feel safe and comfortable throughout the entire experience. In the linked blog, we discuss four ways in which you can make your patients feel appreciated without breaking the bank.

1. The Best (and Worst) Ways to Compete Against LASIK “Factories”

Large, wealthy LASIK providers who promise to perform surgery for “only 250 dollars an eye” are some of your main competitors. How can you compete against someone who has a seemingly endless budget for radio ads, television spots, and billboards?

In the linked blog, we discuss simple, straightforward ways in which you can elevate your clinic above the discount LASIK factories.

Is there a great blog that we missed? Contact us today to share your favorite blog, or to learn more about our mobile cataract, refractive, and laser cataract services!