Sightpath Surgeon Video: Dr. Koch

Dr. Koch of Koch Eye Associates knew that making the move to adding laser cataract surgery to their services was important because it is better for the patients and the surgeon. However, laser technology is constantly advancing, so for Koch Eye Associates buying a laser for laser cataract surgery was not a feasible option due to the capital expense.

Sightpath Medical allowed the opportunity to offer laser cataract surgery to become a reality for Koch Eye Associates. The partnership with Sightpath Medical not only allowed Koch Eye Associates access to the laser and engineer needed for laser cataract surgery, but also provided training, marketing materials, and other resources to allow the staff to be comfortable and at ease in explaining the process to patients.

Dr. Koch thinks that having a strategic partner in Sightpath Medical allows Koch Eye Associates and other Sightpath Medical clients the ability to offer great care to patients while working together to overcome the challenges that technology can present.