Can You Afford a Femto Laser?

Outpatient Surgery’s January 2015 issue featured a great article about the options available so that you can utilize a femto laser in your practice.

Can You Afford a Femto Laser?

Buy, lease or outsource? Here’s a quick economics lesson.

By Stephen Sheppard, CPA, COE

EYE ON THE FUTURE Femtosecond laser machines are catching on fast, and manufacturers are coming up with creative financing options.

As a natural-born skeptic, I figured it would take a long time for femtosecond lasers to make a significant dent in the cataract market. I never imagined that in a few short years, hundreds of practices would be using them. Clearly, the market is embracing the potentially profitable technology and more and more providers are trying to decide whether they can — or should — find a way to incorporate the $350,000-to-$425,000 equipment into their practices. [The rest of the article is available on the Outpatient Surgery website.]

The Complete Solution: Sightpath Medical

The femtosecond laser signifies a bold leap forward in cataract surgery by bringing image-guided computer precision to surgeons seeking to provide a targeted refractive outcome to their patients. Our comprehensive suite, MoFe, is the leading provider of mobile solutions for laser-assisted cataract surgery. We provide the femtosecond laser, instruments and supplies, manufacturer-certified engineer, clinical support, an implementation guide and access to customizable practice marketing tools — all without the initial capital outlay, maintenance expenses and upgrade costs that come with ownership. Sightpath Medical is the trusted partner, nobody has a better reputation for its advanced technology, skilled ophthalmic technicians, personalized solutions and responsive support. 

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