This is Jason.

Our service is second to noneJason comes on every surgical case day.

Not only does Jason deliver top-of-line equipment and all the supplies for your cases, but he’s also by your side throughout the day. Jason has assisted in hundreds of case days with surgeons around the country. He’s there for you.

For more than 25 years, Sightpath has relied on our experienced staff to bring customers not only the best equipment, but the best support available. Each year we assist in more than 100,000 ophthalmic procedures from coast to coast. People like Jason are the secret to making sure cases go smoothly.

You see, Sightpath Medical has 200 technologists and engineers around the country, and – just like Jason – they bring everything you need for your Cataract, Laser-Assisted Cataract, and Refractive case days. The experience of those technologists and engineers is just as valuable as the equipment and supplies they provide every case day.

Now we’re ready to use that experience to help you achieve the best outcomes.

Whether you’re looking for access to the best new cataract technology, hoping to offer femto and AT-IOL’s, or planning to add LASIK to your practice, one of our experienced techs or engineers like Jason will happily bring everything you need, along with the combined experience of all of our case days so you can provide the best service to your patients.

Want to meet Jason, or one of the 200 techs and engineers like him? We’d love to meet.