Need a second cataract suite?

With two operating rooms, surgeons can seamlessly move from one patient to the next, eliminating the costly time between procedures. Not only that, but your facility can see more patients!

If you need supplies and equipment to fill out another room, Sightpath Medical can help you out. We’ll deliver top-of-the-line technology directly to your facility.

Some of the equipment Sightpath provides for case days include:

  • Top of the line phacoemulsification systems including the industry-leading Alcon Centurion®
  • Operating microscope
  • Complete instrument sets including phaco hand pieces
  • Custom surgical pack
  • And much more

We won’t just drop off the equipment and leave you to fend for yourselves. Our experienced surgical technologists will stay at your surgeon’s side to make sure each case runs as smoothly as possible.

Want to know more about the equipment we offer? Fill out the form to learn more about our mobile cataract services!