Phacoemulsification headaches? Let us help.

When you buy a new car, you don’t only need to worry about the initial price tag – you also need to budget for insurance, regular maintenance, and any unexpected problems that crop up along the way.

Dealing with a phacoemulsification machine is very similar.  Once you own a phaco, you’re responsible for keeping it running no matter what happens – and no matter how much you need to spend.

Are you prepared?

Turn-key solutions

Sightpath Medical will take care of all of the frustrating, time-consuming tasks involved in maintaining your equipment for cataract surgery.

No more maintenance fees.

Did you know that facilities and surgeons who work with Sightpath don’t need to worry about staying up to date on their phaco maintenance?

“Every year, we have a service contractor come in to perform a complete inspection of the machine,” said Bill Baker, Mobile Operations Manager. “It’s expensive, so when you own your own equipment, it can be tempting to let it lapse. We take care of it for you for no additional extra fee.”

Without regular maintenance, parts will gradually wear down and you’ll lose some efficiency. We want to keep your OR moving smoothly.

Need to change phaco settings? We’ll do that.

All Sightpath technologists receive thorough training on phacoemulsification machines including their settings and how to adjust them. This means that if you need to make adjustments on the fly, we can help.

“Normally when we first start working with the surgeon, the manufacturer is there to help adjust the phaco settings,” said Bill Baker. “But if a doctor changes their mind later, they’d need to contact the vendor and ask them to send someone over to fix it. That can take time.”

“We had a situation in which the doctor raised concerns about the phaco settings he was currently using, so we had one of our technologists come in to change them,” he continued. “The doctor was pleased with the changes we made and asked us to save them for future surgeries.”

We’re here if something goes wrong.

When you own your own equipment, few things are worse than unexpected downtime. What happens when a handpiece fails? What if there’s problems with the microscope?

“We always bring extra supplies,” he said. “If a handpiece fails, we can just open another one. If the light in the microscope goes out, we have spare bulbs.”

You don’t need to lie awake at night wondering if everything is ready for surgery day – we’ll do that for you.

For more information about how Sightpath Medical can help your cataract OR run smoothly, check out our services or contact us today!