Stop Stressing Over OR Block Time

You may be aware that Sightpath Medical makes it easier for you to bring laser-assisted cataract surgery to new customers, regardless of the practice’s size or budget. But for more than 25 years, Sightpath has been bringing equipment and services to facilities around the country for traditional cataract surgery.

What do we do?

We bring the supplies.

Sightpath provides surgeons with all the necessary supplies and instrumentation for each case day. These supplies include intraocular lenses, custom surgical packs, phaco hand pieces and tubing packs, supply carts, and operating microscopes. Their ability to reliably provide these materials reduces OR costs and keeps case days running smoothly.

We keep the equipment running.

Sightpath will always bring back-up equipment, including back-up phacoemulsification units, on the off chance that there are equipment problems. We know how devastating any delays can be in the OR, both for the surgeon’s budget and for the patient’s comfort. This is why all Sightpath equipment is expertly calibrated – and then transported with care – before each case day. Their trained professionals are also well aware of how to solve any issues that may arise.

We manage turnover time.

Minimizing turnover time significantly improves OR efficiency. Sightpath has over 25 years of OR experience, and our professionals are experts at quickly and seamlessly removing our equipment after each case day. We move out and your staff moves on to the next case day.

In the end, time is one of the most valuable resources for surgeons. Surgeons who partner with Sightpath Medical can look forward to more efficient, and therefore less stressful, OR block time.