Your facility deserves a new phaco

Alcon’s Infiniti Vision System was first released in 2003. While that might not sound like very long ago, let’s put it into perspective.

What else was happening in 2003?

  • Personal digital assistants (PDAs), BlackBerry devices, and flip phones were all the rage.
  • The first iPhone wouldn’t be released for another five years.
  • Facebook, YouTube, and other modern social media networks did not exist. Neither did Yelp.
  • Friends was still airing new episodes.
  • Blu-ray wouldn’t be invented for another three years.

Don’t you think it’s time for an upgrade?

Sightpath Medical can help you access Alcon’s Centurion Vision System, the latest in phacoemulsification technology. With active fluidics technology, enhanced efficiency, and an improved ergonomic design, the Centurion is the ideal choice for cataract surgeons.

We’ll bring it to your facility on case day, then take everything with us when we’re done. No maintenance fees. No shortage woes. No hassle.