Feeling Homesick?

Sightpath Will Make Your Outreach Facility Feel Like Home

Too often, surgeons who serve small cities, towns, and rural areas need to settle for technology that’s less advanced than the technology they use at their home facility. Your lasers may be a little older, or feel a little clunkier. You may not have the same diversity of surgical equipment.

If you work in a low-volume, rural health system but want newer equipment, Sightpath Medical can help.

Advanced Technology, No Matter Where You Work

As a variable access provider, Sightpath supplies doctors all over the country with advanced ophthalmic equipment without the hassle of ownership. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on equipment for outreach facilities, surgeons who work with Sightpath can access the latest in ophthalmic equipment for a fraction of the price. We’ll deliver the equipment directly to the practice or ASC, then take it with us once the case day is over.

Just because you’re working outside of your home facility doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your service, your technology, or your quality of care.

We Bring Everything You’ll Need

All of our services are completely customized to your needs. Since Sightpath is vendor-neutral, we pride ourselves on providing exactly the equipment you need – no more, no less.

Outstanding Support Staff

Our expertise doesn’t stop at equipment. Unlike other variable access companies, Sightpath Medical also provides our customers with outstanding OR support. During each case day, our trained surgical technologists and engineers will remain at your side, at your site, and at your service.

Start Your Sightpath Journey Today.

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