Last one out, hit the lights….

Invariably, one of the best moments in any tradeshow coordinator’s day, is when the show PA announcer says: THIS YEAR’S MEETING IS NOW CLOSED!

If you’ve never been on the floor during this moment, before the announcement is made, the lights start clicking off row-by-row – and for a show floor as large as this year’s AAO, that took a couple seconds! – after which time, the announcement is made. Those left on the floor clap and cheer and whistle to celebrate another successful year at the show.

In the same token, its always a little sad when it all comes to an end. The months of work and prep and planning and frenzy that event planners go through to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch, arrives on time, and the things that are forgotten are rectified before anyone notices…. is all of a sudden, done. But never fear! Once the haze of too little sleep, the hoarseness from too much talking and the swelling from too much walking wears off, its almost time to do it all again as we prepare for the next show. Until April, the booth is darkened, awaiting our return.