Stella, Please

Dr. Bregman, Stella, and Matt Lee!

“Stella, Please.” That’s what Matt Lee, Sightpath Medical MoFe Engineer says to his MoFe laser when he has to calibrate her. Yes, his laser is named Stella! He got the inspiration for her name from the song “Stella, Please” by Conner Christian & Southern Gothic because at the very beginning of his time with the laser he’d sing that song while working on her. Matt now plays that song anytime he has to work on his beloved laser and so far it has been good luck! As you can see in the photo, Matt isn’t the only one that loves Stella; Dr. Bregman with Eye Health Partners in Nashville shares Matt’s love for her!

Stella isn’t the only MoFe laser with a name. In fact 15 of the 19 lasers currently in operation have names. Some have deep meaning, coming from family members of the laser’s engineer, while others have more playful inspiration like songs or funny phrases.

Regardless of the inspiration behind the name, one thing is clear, all of our MoFe Engineers love their lasers dearly enough to want to personalize them and it seems the surgeons share this love for the lasers too!