Sightpath’s Journey In My Eyes: Heather Kummet

I started at Sightpath Medical almost 11 years ago, back when the company was called Midwest Surgical Services.  At the time, my sister was working here and loved it, so when I wanted a job change, I joined the Sightpath team.

Back then, Sightpath Medical only had about 20 employees at HQ and 40 in the field. We often enjoyed group lunches, after-hours events, and I truly felt like my coworkers were more than just people I worked with – they were like a second family. Over the years the company has experienced huge growth, more the doubling the size of the HQ and quadrupling the field staff. Of course, people have come and gone, and with them, dynamics have changed – but maintaining the culture the company was founded on remains important. 11 years later I still enjoy coming to work everyday. And more than that, I work for a company that values me as much as I value it.

This focus on culture is why Sightpath has the “I am Sightpath Award.” It is meant to recognize employees who personify the ideals that the company was founded on, and perpetuate the culture in their interactions with their fellow employees. It was an absolute honor to be the first recipient of the annual I Am Sightpath award. I try to work very hard and pride myself on doing my job well. To be recognized for that, and receiving the “I Am Sightpath Award” from one of my first mentors within the company meant a lot to me, and will no doubt be one of the many highlights in my career.

As with any job, there have been challenges over the years – but for me, working for Sightpath has been a great experience. The thing I love most about our company is that we believe in finding the best fit position for employees, and promoting from within. I don’t think I realized I’d be finding a new career opportunity when I first signed on as an Inventory Specialist, but I have had the opportunity to grow within my role, take on new challenges and now serve as the Inventory Operations Manager.

As we celebrate our 2 million eye milestone, I am proud to have been a part of the growth of this company, and look forward to what’s to come!