Sightpath Celebrates Our Veterans: Werner Christensen

We would like to thank all military personnel, past and present, for your service and dedication this Veterans Day.

Sightpath Medical proudly supports all veterans. Our nation remains the land of the free because it is the home of the brave. Thank you for your service and sacrifice to all of those who serve or have served our nation and protected our freedom.

In honor of Veterans Day we’d like to share some stories from the veterans who we are lucky enough to call our colleagues.

Werner Christensen, Operations Coordinator

Werner Christensen spent 13 months deployed overseas between Camp New York, Kuwait and Baghdad, Iraq. As the sole Patient Administrator for an Area Support Medical Battalion he had the privilege of helping service 45,000 patients: U.S. soldiers, British soldiers, and Iraqi nationals. The combat hospital had X-ray, Lab services, patient holding, as well as daily sick hall hours for any soldiers to partake. An interesting component of his work was tracking trends in illness to the Center for Disease Control. Werner is extremely proud to be a part of a family military legacy as his father is a Vietnam veteran, Gulf War veteran, and even led tactical convoy classes for the 3rd Infantry division while Werner was deployed too.  His brother also served with his father during the 1st Gulf War.

“I would like to thank my fellow service members for their courageous efforts and selfless service by defending the United States and freedom in general.”