Has your practice corrected the vision of other eye doctors?

Recently, Ocular Surgery News published a Refractive Surgery Story, in which a physician described his personal refractive surgery experience. This particular article is of interest to refractive surgeons, as the featured physician, Manuel J. Chaknis, MD, had his procedure nearly 20 years ago, and is still benefiting from clear distance vision.

However, unlike most of the content in trade journals, this type of article is engaging and interesting for prospective patients, as well. If your practice has treated the sight of ophthalmologists or optometrists, you would be wise to ask them to write a testimonial, document their experiences or describe their outcomes to prospective patients. Making this kind of direct connection can help dispel fear and convey trustworthiness. After all, if their eye doctor trusted his own vision to your practice, certainly they can as well!

CLICK HERE to read about Dr. Chaknis’ experience, and perhaps get some ideas for how to craft a testimonial from the physicians with whom you have relationships.