Refractive Cataract Patient Satisfaction

Frank A. Bucci Jr., MD, gave a presentation at the 2015 Hawaiian Eye conference, in which he explained that there are some necessary skills to converting patients and leaving them feeling satisfied. These skills are not clinical in nature, but are all about the relationship you are building with the patient.

Dr. Bucci explains that patients, surgeons and premium IOLs are the “three players in the game” and that if these three players are all working together as a team, your practice will exceed patients’ expectations.

CLICK HERE to read a new article summarizing the new role of the successful surgeon and to learn about the Key Core Skills that Dr. Bucci believes every refractive cataract surgeon has to fine tune in order to provide the best possible patient experience. This article originally appeared in the April 25, 2015 issue of Ocular Surgery News.