Guidelines for Responding to Online Criticism

The digital world is a fast-paced landscape that’s a free-for-all when it comes to personal commentary, thoughts and reviews. So when it comes to managing your practice’s online reputation via your website, social media or review sites, it can be difficult – especially when it comes to dealing with criticism. Here are tips to guide you through the process of successfully handling and resolving negative feedback regarding your practice: 


–       Respond to all feedback. Not only can you positively address the criticism but also use it as an opportunity to build your brand back up in an attentive and helpful manner.

–       Craft a thoughtful, brief response that includes how you’re working to remedy the situation and also highlights your strengths as a brand.

–       Ask them to contact you privately so that the conversation is not continued in public if the situation should happen to escalate.

–       Save criticism and comments to review and make changes to your practice as necessary. Use them as suggestions, tips and free consumer research.



–       Delete or hide poor reviews. It’s in poor taste and shows that you may have something to conceal or don’t care about your customers’ concerns.

–       Get defensive or combative with your responses. It’s important to not immediately react but to take time and think the situation through.

–       Blame or accuse the reviewer. All bad feedback should be seen as an opportunity to fix the situation and win the person back as a loyal client. 


– By Lauren Bubser, Digital Marketing Associate for Sightpath Medical 

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