Stop Thinking Like an Ophthalmologist! Start Thinking Like a Dentist!

Imagine if every patient feared coming to your office. Their only thoughts after walking in the door are about minimizing the time they spend in your office and getting out as soon as possible. Dentists have been struggling with issues for years as the perception of dental care and thoughts of drills, scrapers and pain are common to many patients.

Fortunately, ophthalmologists don’t have to overcome that stigma as much as dentists. But there are some traits that can be learned from the dental profession to minimize fear, provide a comfortable environment, and build trusting relationships with patients:

Focus on the positives. You are providing services to help patients maintain and improve their vision. Beyond your business, your medical service provides a service that helps people see. That is important.

Create a comfortable atmosphere. Many of your patients will be nervous and may not know what to expect in their consultation. Creating a welcoming environment where people feel physically and emotionally comfortable can ease tension in your patients.

Feel good about prescribing what is best for your patients. Not every diagnosis is easy to share. Not every procedure or course of treatment is simple, but your thoughtful treatment options, delivered in a confident way, goes a long way in putting nervous patients at ease.

Great service yields more service. Whether your practice relies on top-notch reviews on social media or traditional word-of-mouth referrals in your local community, great service will always lead to more business. 

Think like a dentist. Do your best to make the experience as helpful as possible so your patients will tell others about the great level of service you provide.