The Numbers Are In: Surgeons Across the Country Believe Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery Is the Future!


In a clinical survey conducted by ASCRS, a stunning 94 percent of surgeons plan to offer laser-assisted cataract surgery at some capacity in the next ten years.

Despite the high volume of interested surgeons, however, few are currently offering the surgery. Only 8 percent of cataract patients receive laser-assisted cataract surgery, and more than half of young surgeons have no experience performing the procedure.

Why don’t these numbers match up? Many surgeons worry about the high price of the femtosecond laser and its associated maintenance. Others believe that bringing the procedure to their OR will cost too much time.

Sightpath Medical knows all of the hurdles – and the triumphs – associated with bringing laser-assisted cataract surgery to your hospital, ASC or practice. As of 2017, we’ve onboarded over 500 surgeons across 260 locations and participated in more than 50,000 laser cataract procedures.

For one fixed price, we will bring a femtosecond laser to your practice as well as pay for maintenance fees and equipment insurance, provide certified technologists, and connect you with a vast network of experienced surgeons and engineers. Our clinical associates will help you determine the best way to organize patient flow and keep your case days running smoothly, and our marketing packages will encourage patient engagement and keep your practice growing.

As a mobile access company, Sightpath keeps laser-assisted cataract surgery affordable, allowing doctors to earn a profit from day one.

For more information about adding laser-assisted cataract surgery to your repertoire while keeping your practice cost-effective and efficient, click here.