Efficiency is Part of Our Service

Maintaining efficiency in the OR can be tricky. With so many variables including surgical equipment, staff movements, surgeon scheduling, and unexpected patient issues, it can be challenging to stay on time.

Thankfully, Sightpath technologists and engineers have seen it all! Our technologists and engineers have participated in surgeries at hospitals and ASCs all across the country. This unique experience has allowed them to develop the skills to not only anticipate problems but also seek out opportunities that may improve OR efficiency.

Unwrapping the problem

For instance, one of our cataract technologists, Phil Martinez, found that there was a unique time sink for his surgeons: surgical packaging.

“When bundling products together for each case, the simple act of folding back the flap on surgical packaging eliminates the need to fumble around with it trying to get it started,” he explained. “Things speed up. You don’t get in each other’s way and now you’re a team working together.”

Working together is what the Sightpath relationship is built on. The service and expertise that our technologists and engineers bring to your case day can be just as valuable as the equipment they provide.

One laser out, one laser in

During case days at Clay Eye in Fleming Island, Florida, Mobile Femtosecond (MoFe) Engineer Ross Solberg has made it a practice to have the LenSx laser positioned and ready so that when the surgeons are finished with conventional cataract cases, they can seamlessly begin their femto cases. We can easily move from a batch of conventional cataract cases to laser-assisted cataract cases without losing a considerable amount of time flipping the room.

“More cases get done, the staff gets done earlier, and the center pays less in staff hours,” said Ross Solberg. “Patients and their loved ones also spend less time waiting.”

At the end of the day, the laser and engineer roll out so the center can use the room for other cases, increasing the efficiency at the center.

We’re not only your provider, we’re your partner.

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