From Setback to Success: Sightpath Saves the Day!

It’s the morning of a long case day. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping…

And your laser isn’t working.

“While testing the laser at the beginning of the day, I started getting mode lock errors,” explained Brain White, one of our MoFe laser engineers. He was working with a surgeon in New Hampshire when the laser started acting up. Eleven eyes were on the schedule. “The signals on the oscilloscope were very unstable.”

As it turned out, the oscilloscope needed to be replaced. At a glance, the case day seemed unsalvageable. But Brian White had an idea. Instead of canceling the case day, he decided to contact another nearby MoFe engineer: Hank Corning. “He arrived without hesitation or sign of annoyance,” said Brian White. “As a team, Hank and I had the replacement laser up and running with only a two-hour delay.”

In other words, the case day was saved!

Think about the last time you nearly had a case day disaster. How did you save it? Did you save it? At Sightpath Medical, our skilled technologists and engineers are always willing to step up their game and come to the rescue.