The Sharing Economy Comes to Ophthalmology

How often do you use that phaco? Or that laser? Even in a busy facility, surgical equipment can go days or weeks without being used. Meanwhile, the monthly bills for that equipment keep coming in, whether your facility is busy or not.

In the modern era, the pride of ownership has been replaced by the practicality of partnering.

Streaming services like Netflix, ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft, and room accommodations like Airbnb have carved out their share of the modern economy and changed the model of “ownership” in each of their industries.

Sightpath Medical offers you the same possibilities for cataract, laser cataract and refractive surgery.

Focus on a relationship, not a transaction.

Customers in the sharing economy expect more than just transactions — they expect a relationship with the providers they choose. The interactions between the players in the OR, the staff in the facility and the personnel behind it all make the relationship work. Our technologists and engineers are here for you. That’s why we say we’re at your site, at your side and at your service.

Our on-site personnel go above and beyond for our surgeons. It’s part of what keeps our customers coming back year after year.

Sharing means nothing without scaling.

While outsourcing and sharing may help you get a deal, if you have one vendor for equipment and another for supplies — and yet another for personnel — the efficiency breaks down. Scalability is important. Sightpath Medical understands those needs and that’s why our cataract, laser-assisted cataract, and refractive services include everything you need on the day you operate.

Not only is our service turn-key, but it’s built around you. Our instrumentation, supplies, and services are all designed to accommodate your preferences,  creating the most predictable and comfortable operating case day possible. With Sightpath customization, you don’t have to compromise on the details.

As your practice grows, Sightpath can grow with you. Our service and redundancies make it easy to add case days or open a second operating room. At every level, our customized service works with you to keep those case days running smoothly.

Don’t forget the personal touch.

You provide outstanding treatment to your patients. Your service allows people to see better and improve their quality of life. With advances in IOL technology, more customizable solutions are at your fingertips. Shouldn’t your surgical experience reflect that? 

Sightpath service is built for you. The equipment and service we provide is based on your preferences and your needs. Contact us today to learn more.