We Do the Stuff You Don’t Want To

It’s dawn, and your facility has a full day of cases ahead of it.

Are you ready for them?

There are quite a few frustrating little tasks you need to take care of before the day can begin. Do you have the right equipment for your surgeons? You might need to dig around in storage for some of the technology, or make sure that it’s properly calibrated. What about the right surgical instruments? Do you need to order new ones? What if the equipment fails to start, or an instrument breaks unexpectedly?

All these small tasks add up quickly, and you and your staff might find yourself losing precious time – and money.

Sightpath Medical can help you and your surgeons stay organized and efficient on case day.

We help with …

Room turnover

No one likes turning over a room, especially on a busy day. As soon as one case starts late, everything else falls behind – but we don’t need to tell you that. Sightpath provides all our surgeons with surgical technologists who will assist them before, during, and after the surgery. One of their essential tasks is helping with room turnover. They’ll keep things running smoothly so that you can confidentially fit more cases in your day.

Inventory management

Doctors who work with Sightpath never need to worry about having the right surgical instruments – we provide everything our doctors need on case day, then take it with us when we’re done. Our instruments are always in excellent condition, and we provide back-up instruments on the rare occasion something needs to be replaced at the last minute. Lens consignment can also be a management nightmare. Keeping a consignment of lenses takes time to manage by your tech or circulating nurse. Not to mention, expired lenses cost you money!

Moving equipment

Ophthalmic lasers are big, bulky and expensive. Sightpath Medical was the first to mobilize Alcon’s LenSx femtosecond laser. We also deliver mobile phacoemulsification systems, microscopes, and excimer lasers, and other equipment for cataract and refractive surgery. We’re proudly vendor neutral, which means that we can meet your surgeon’s unique needs.

Calibrating equipment

Each surgeon has their own unique preferences regarding equipment calibration. For this reason, Sightpath Medical requires all our technologists to complete surgeon preference forms. You can rest easy knowing that your surgeon’s will have perfectly calibrated equipment on case day, making their surgery all the more efficient.

Repairing equipment.

Having to repair or update your equipment takes time. If you don’t realize your phaco or laser needs to be repaired until first thing in the morning, you’ll need to reschedule the entire day! With Sightpath, we’ll take care of equipment repairs and regular maintenance. When surgeons arrive at your facility, you’ll have up-to-date equipment waiting for them.

The next time your facility is filled with cases, avoid the headache: let Sightpath sweat the small stuff. Not only do Sightpath Medical techs and engineers bring everything you need for cases, they also serve as an extra set of hands during procedures, freeing up facility staff time and resources.

For more information on how Sightpath Medical can help your facility save time and money, contact us today!