Should You DIY Your LASIK Marketing?

Let’s say you want to start marketing your LASIK practice. Great! Where should you start?

Most people choose one of two options: they hire an outside marketing firm, or they decide to do it themselves.

You might be tempted to forsake the professionals thinking it will be too expensive. After all, marketing seems straight forward on the surface, and it can’t take that much time. Right?

In other words, should you do your own LASIK marketing?

Probably not. We’ve listed out some reasons why below.

Marketing takes time

Marketing can take a surprising amount of time. If your LASIK coordinator is creating and running marketing campaigns, which tasks are they leaving unfinished? Dedicating time to marketing can put a significant strain on your practice.

Marketing techniques are always changing

Staying current with ever-changing marketing trends is a full-time job. Are videos the best way to market LASIK? Should you focus your efforts on Twitter or Facebook? How does Google rank webpages? Knowing these answers is key to a successful campaign.

There’s no silver bullet

There’s no guaranteed way to bring more patients to your practice. Marketing requires a significant amount of research, planning, and implementation to be successful. It also requires a deep understanding of performance metrics.

LASIK marketing is a legal minefield

Did you know you can’t promise your patients will see “naturally” after surgery? Or that you shouldn’t imply they won’t need glasses? FDA guidelines feel natural in the office but might slip your mind when you’re developing marketing materials.

Bad marketing is costly

If you perform a marketing campaign without a proper understanding of best practices, you’re likely to spend too much money, waste time, or even wind up in legal trouble.

LASIK marketing works best with an agency

If you want to start marketing your LASIK practice, it’s better to work with marketing professionals than doing everything yourself. You can focus on providing quality care to patients, while the marketers stay up-to-date on the latest trends, work with compliance officers, and use best practices to create winning campaigns.

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