Sightpath Medical to offer Alcon’s Centurion

Publish date: JAN 01, 2014, CLICK HERE to view the article on Ophthalmology Times’ Modern Medicine

By: Rose Schneider

Bloomington, MN—Sightpath Medical has announced that it will offer Alcon Laboratory’s Centurion Vision System as an option in their cataract surgery suite of equipment and services.

Transported via Sightpath Medical’s air-ride and climate controlled vehicle, the phacoemulsification system will be accompanied by a certified surgical technician.

Rollout will begin in late 2013 in the upper Midwest, with nationwide access available in 2014.

“For the past two decades, Sightpath Medical has maintained a rich tradition of anticipating trends in the industry and accommodating surgeon preferences across vendor lines,” said Dan Robins, senior vice president of operation, Sightpath Medical. “Including the Centurion in our offering, so soon after its release, further ensures we are able to deliver on our promise to provide access to the most advanced technology on the market, regardless of location.”