Provide the Best Technology in Your Rural Facility

Sightpath makes rural ophthalmology services a possibility!

Individuals who live in rural communities often find it more difficult to receive medical care than their urban counterparts.


Fewer healthcare professionals.

Rural areas tend to have fewer healthcare professionals than urban areas – for instance, a study found that the patient-to-primary care physician ratio in rural areas is 39.8 physicians per 100,000 – in urban areas, meanwhile, that ratio is 53.3 physicians per 100,000.

More distance to travel.

Since rural residents don’t have as many doctors nearby, they often need to travel a farther distance to receive care, particularly if they need to see a specialist.

Lower income.

People who live in rural communities are more likely to live in poverty than people who live in urban communities. They may also struggle to receive adequate transportation – a serious challenge if medical centers are far away.

The good news? You are the solution. Patients in rural areas need highly trained healthcare professionals like you. Your work and your skills are incredibly valuable.

Our mission

Sightpath Medical’s primary goal is to make high-quality ophthalmic care a possibility for everyone, regardless of their location or socioeconomic status. We understand the importance of reaching out to rural communities in particular, which is why many of our services are specifically designed for small practices with tight budgets.

Affordable prices.

Practices who are operating on a budget don’t need to worry about cleaning out the bank to acquire the latest and greatest ophthalmic equipment. Sightpath provides surgeons with top-of-the-line equipment without the expense (or hassle) of capital investment. We simply bring all the necessary equipment directly to your door, then take it with us once your case day is over.

No storage hassles.

Sightpath Medical’s services are ideal for small practices, hospitals, and ASCs. We understand that ophthalmology equipment takes up a lot of space – for this reason, we provide all of our equipment the day of and then remove it once your case day is complete. Our equipment is also carefully calibrated before each visit to make sure that your case day runs as smoothly as possible.

Industry leading technology.

Sightpath Medical prides itself on staying up to date with industry research and technology. Rural physicians and hospitals who work with us receive access to the latest in ophthalmic equipment including femtosecond lasers and advanced-technology IOLs. Sightpath’s resources provide rural patients with the opportunity to receive high tech care without traveling to the nearest metropolitan area.