Are two operating rooms better than one?

In cataract surgery, time is money. Boosting your OR efficiency can give you more of that precious time, allowing you to see more patients and build your practice.

Some cataract surgeons improve their efficiency by acquiring a second operating room.

Have you ever thought about being one of them?

Outfitting Your Second OR

Let’s say you’d like to add a second room for cataract surgery so that you can increase your OR efficiency. Where do you start?

Beyond acquiring the room itself, you need to duplicate all of your equipment: two microscopes, two surgical packs, two phacoemulsification units . . . you get the idea. You also need enough staff members to maintain both ORs at the same time.

Eye Surgery Equipment and Supplies When You Need Them

If you need supplies, equipment, and techs to fill out another room, Sightpath Medical can help. We’ll deliver top-of-the-line technology directly to your OR – or the OR right next to yours – and take it with us when we’re done.

Sightpath provides everything you need for cataract and refractive surgery including lasers, phaco machines, operating microscopes, curated instrument sets, custom surgical packs, and much more.

We have the ability and the expertise to match your surgeon preferences, making that second room run just like the first.