Everything You Need for a Successful Cataract Case Day

The OR is a busy place. We bring everything you will need in order to treat your patients and provide the best outcomes possible.

There’s no doubt about it – physicians who perform cataract surgery need to store and maintain a large amount of equipment.

Phacoemulsification systems, operating microscopes, and various kinds of IOLs are just a few of the supplies cataract surgeons need to keep on hand if they hope to regularly provide the procedure.

If you’re a surgeon with a small practice, the notion of storing these materials might seem daunting. Do you have room in your budget to not only buy the equipment, but store it as well? Is it possible to keep the supplies in the OR when they’re not in use, or do you need to empty out another room to find space? Can you store them off-site? How expensive would that be?

At Sightpath Medical, we understand that small surgical practices face unique challenges, one of which includes finding space for their supplies. This is why we deliver top-of-the-line technology directly to your OR, hospital or ASC. Before your first case days, we’ll also send our clinical application specialists to your facility so that they can figure out ways to integrate our equipment into your patient flow.

At the end of each case day, we’ll take the equipment with us and bring it back on your next scheduled case day.

What supplies are included?

Some of the equipment Sightpath provides for case days include:

  • Top of the line phacoemulsification systems
  • Operating microscope
  • Supply cart
  • Complete instrument set including phaco hand pieces
  • Custom surgical pack
  • And much more

We bring it all; plastics for laser calibration, treatment cards, patient interface devices and our technologists can fix just about any issue on-site without losing your case day. Surgical instruments, an experienced Sightpath technologist and all the equipment you need are available to keep your case days running smoothly.