Five Ways to Save on Cataract Surgery

No matter how you look at it, cataract surgery is getting more expensive. Worse still, reimbursements for the facility and the surgeon are not increasing dramatically. How can your facility remain profitable doing cataract surgery?

At Sightpath Medical, we’ve outlined a number of ways your facility and your surgeons can save money on cataract surgery and remain profitable.

Be efficient: Time is money. 

Time spent in that OR is expensive. Surgeons and facilities alike benefit from cases that are not only done well, but also efficiently. And no patient wants to be there any longer than they have to anyway.

Stop buying stuff. 

Your surgeons need that phaco machine and those hand pieces, but do you really need BSS+ for every case? What other consumables are your surgeons using that are costing your facility money? Understanding the processes and the costs can go a long way to making sure your facility remains as profitable as possible.

Reduce and reuse. 

Instrumentation can be expensive. Reusable and reposable instrumentation can be an alternative. Richard J. Ruckman, MD explains, “Multi-surgeon facilities and hospitals can create greater wear and tear on diamond blades, so at these facilities it may be more effective to use disposable equipment.” At Sightpath Medical, we’ve found that instruments cost approximately $15 per cataract case. Are you capturing that cost at your facility?

Manage personnel costs. 

Staffing personnel can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, more personnel can help with room turnovers, patient flow, and keeping the OR processes moving. On the other hand, more people means more salary and more costs. Finding that balance can be trickybut beneficialto the bottom line of your facility.

Account for the little things.

All the small, incremental shipping costs for IOL’s and other supplies can take small bite after small bite out of your bottom line. Cutting all those regular purchase orders does the same, and cuts into the time of your staff!

For more than 25 years, Sightpath Medical has participated in cataract surgeries at hospitals and ASC’s, both large and small. Just like you, we’re committed to providing your patients with the best care possible. To learn more about how Sightpath Medical can help your facility remain profitable with cataract surgery, click here.