Four Ways to Make Your OR More Efficient

At night, do you dream about having a perfectly efficient OR? Do you fantasize about moving seamlessly from patient to patient, providing each and every one of them with excellent surgical results? Is your equipment always precisely calibrated? In this dream world of yours, are your turnovers seamless and stress-free?

You’re not alone: many people who work in ORs dream about having more efficient case days.

Below, we’ve outlined four ways in which you can increase the productivity in your OR.

1. Measure, measure, measure

2. Work on that patient flow

3. Keep your equipment in tip-top shape

4. Get yourself a second OR

Of course, having two ORs means maintaining twice the amount of equipment, which isn’t always feasible.

Remember that there’s a difference between an efficient surgery and a rushed surgery. By following these four guidelines, you can see more patients without sacrificing their quality of care.

Need help making this happen? Sightpath Medical’s all-in-one service guarantees that surgeons have everything they need for a productive case day. Since we have over 25 years of OR experience, our professionals are experts at maximizing OR efficiency and patient flow. Our equipment and supplies are always carefully calibrated, avoiding unnecessary delays at the start of the surgery. We also bring back-up equipment, including back-up phacoemulsification units, on the off chance that there are equipment problems.

For more information about how Sightpath Medical can improve OR efficiency, contact us today.