Our Cataract Services Are Move-In Ready

Accessing equipment for cataract surgery is a lot like buying a house.


Picture that you’re buying a new home. When you step inside the front door, you’re delighted to see that the walls are already painted in your favorite colors. There’s a fireplace exactly where you’d like a fireplace, and a half-wall exactly where you’d like a half-wall. The backyard is already landscaped.

You have found a turn-key house, a place you could move into right away.

You decide to see a second house. This house has a terrible paint job. The fireplace is awkwardly shoehorned into the corner of the kitchen. Some of the rooms are good, but others are far too small – you’d need to knock down a wall or two before move-in day. The backyard is mud pit.

All of these things are fixable, but they’ll take time – and money. The house is a fixer-upper.

Our cataract services are turn-key

At Sightpath Medical, we provide cataract services that are move-in ready. When you work with us, you’re not just accessing our ophthalmic equipment – you’re also accessing our customized instrument trays, advanced IOLs, certified ophthalmic technologists, and clinical experts.

We’ll provide you with everything you need to provide cataract services to your community. All you need are your surgeons and your patients.

Treat yourself to exactly the services you need. No more, no less.