Your Complete Cataract Case Day Is Here.

With industry leading technology and outstanding surgical support, Sightpath keeps your OR running smoothly.

Sightpath Medical delivers top-of-the-line ophthalmic equipment directly to hospitals, practices and surgical centers across the country. Not only do surgeons have access to advanced IOLs, but we also offer the industry-leading Alcon Centurion® phacoemulsification system and the revolutionary Lumera-I scope from Zeiss.

But Sightpath provides more than just equipment.

Sightpath provides all of our customers with experienced, manufacturer certified engineers and clinical specialists, an impressive network of surgeons, comprehensive training sessions and numerous other resources for physicians.

“One of the things that sets Sightpath apart from the rest is that we provide support pre-, intra- and post-operatively,” said Stephanie Mitchell, Director of Clinical Services for Sightpath Medical. “We help surgeons succeed on their first case day and beyond.”

Our support begins from the moment surgeons choose to work with us. Before, during and after training, our clinical associates work with both surgeons and staff members to build a solid foundation for ophthalmic surgery.

We improve patient flow.

One of the best predictors of a successful case day is patient flow, or the way in which facility members move the patients from one part of the surgery to the next. Sightpath staff members begin considering ways to help with a new patient flow as early as day one. During the site visit, our clinical associates will make notes about the best way to maximize patient flow and keep the operating room as efficient as possible.

“All facilities are a little different, which makes designing patient flow a challenge.  That’s why our experience is key” said Mitchell. “There’s a lot of variables that go into making it work.”

We are at your side.

We are by your side on every case day. Technologists at Sightpath Medical have participated in thousands of surgeries and act as a valuable second set of eyes. They are there to assist the entire surgical team on each case day and make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Our technologists, clinical specialists and operation team members have seen all kinds of cases – both the usual and the unusual. When surgeons have questions about treating a specific patient, our team is there to provide support.

We have an impressive physician network.

Sightpath’s resources extend far beyond our own employees. Doctors who work with Sightpath receive access to a network of surgeons with valuable experience in laser-assisted cataract surgery, traditional cataract surgery and refractive surgeries. Sightpath customers have the opportunity to discuss clinical topics and trends, share current perspectives about the industry, discuss emerging trends and technologies, and seek advice about challenging patients with our surgeons.

“If a clinical question arises that our engineers or clinical specialists are not able answer, they’ll always have the proper resources available to get you answers right away,” said Mitchell.