Laser-Focused on Your Success

Sightpath Medical offers the industry’s most advanced equipment for ensuring a precise, customized refractive treatment. From the latest femtosecond and excimer lasers to custom LASIK aberrometers, you’ll know you’re providing your patients with the best possible care.

Advanced technology, proven methods.

Why do so many surgeons choose the femtosecond laser over the microkeratome blade for flap creation? The reasons are clear: more procedures per hour, greater precision and improved patient outcomes.

Here at Sightpath, we proudly offer surgeons access to both an excimer and femtosecond laser.

Our unique travel system and patented transportation device (RoRo) protects the delicate internal mechanics of the excimer laser from the rigors of movement. Our air suspension mechanism allows the laser to maintain optimum balance and maximum damping during transit. No modification to the laser systems is required for mounting.

We are trained by the manufacturers and certified to perform repairs, calibration and preventive maintenance on all equipment we provide. We will also stay with you during your case day to keep your technology performing at its peak. We also provide all the necessary equipment and instrumentation to make your case day with Sightpath a success.