Should cataract surgeons also offer LASIK?

Dr. Hardten is one of the nation’s most prominent leaders in the treatment of the cornea, external disease, anterior segment, cataract, refractive and laser surgery, as well as in research and education.

Like many ophthalmologists, Dr. Hardten offers both cataract and refractive surgery.

“Our practice started doing LASIK in the mid-90s during the FDA clinical trials,” he said. “As the technology improved, we’ve increased the application to not only patients with refractive errors that were naturally occurring, but also to patients after prior surgeries like IOL surgery.”

Minnesota Eye Consultant’s bold, early investment in refractive surgery has allowed the practice to achieve remarkable success.

“Patients were excited about receiving LASIK because of its vast improvements over radical keratotomy,” he explained. “Now that we offer LASIK, we can help patients at all stages of life. It’s currently a mainstay at our practice.”

Why should I offer LASIK?

If you’re a cataract surgeon, Dr. Hardten believes that offering refractive surgery is a must.


  1. LASIK can bring in younger patients

“LASIK can stand on its own, making it possible to serve not only your cataract patients, but also their children who may be seeking independence from glasses and contact lenses,” said Dr. Hardten.

  1. LASIK can help cataract patients receive the vision they need

“Many cataract patients have vision problems that cannot be refined through lens-based surgery alone, particularly if they require presbyopic and toric IOLs,” said Dr. Hardten. “Offering some form of refractive surgery can close the gap and give them the vision they need for their lifestyle.”

  1. Offering LASIK gives you a competitive advantage

“I feel that you have to be able to do some form of refractive corneal surgery to be competitive in the current market,” said Dr. Hardten. “In my experience, modern refractive cataract surgery is most successful when you also provide corneal refractive surgery in your practice.”

Unfortunately, owning the necessary equipment for LASIK can expensive.

What’s the best way to get started?

Access LASIK Equipment with Sightpath!

Sightpath Medical strives to make LASIK a possibility for all cataract surgeons. We bring the supplies directly to your practice, hospital, or ASC, then take it with us when we’re done. This shared access model means that you don’t need to deal with the cumbersome costs of ownership.

Adding LASIK has never been easier or more affordable. What are you waiting for?