We Partner; They Outsource

It’s time to talk about competition.

Intense, right? Some companies like to pretend they’re the only ones on the market – but not us. At Sightpath, we’re not afraid to let you know that you have options. We just believe we’re the best one.


The difference between partnering and outsourcing

Other companies may promise to provide you with ophthalmic outsourcing services. Sightpath, meanwhile, promises to be your partner.

What’s the difference?

Not just equipment

Most outsourcing companies will provide you with equipment and surgical instruments. That’s everything you need. Right?

Wrong. When it comes to ophthalmic surgery, accessing the technology is only the first step. Physicians who work with Sightpath can look forward to working with technologists and engineers who know the equipment like the back of their hand. Since 1991, we’ve help correct over 2,000,000 eyes – with no sign of stopping.

Turn-key service

Outsourcing companies might look alluringly inexpensive. However, outsourcing companies that promise cheap access to supplies tend to have hidden fees or limited capabilities. If you’ll want anything more than the bare bones, you’ll need to pay extra, or worse: hire an additional company to fill the niche.

Sightpath doesn’t just claim to give you the complete package – we deliver on our promises. Our aim is to make case day as easy as possible. You bring the patients, and we’ll take care of the rest. Everything is included.

Experts on call

Some outsourcing companies drop off their equipment and leave. Others might stick around for case day, but otherwise disappear into ether, emerging only when it’s time to collect a payment.

Partners, on the other hand, can be reached each and every day. Sightpath Medical’s clinical advisors and operations personnel will help you determine the most efficient way to organize your OR, and our team of clinical specialists can guide you in the manufacturer-certified training. Those same clinical advisors are available at any time to help with complex cases or technology questions. We even provide our partners with a network of expert surgeons who are willing to answer your questions.

Nationwide coverage

Partners don’t stop their services once they hit state lines. Sightpath Medical has cataract, mobile femto, and refractive coverage all across the continental United States. Because we’re available just about everywhere, our techs can readily step in if something goes wrong with the equipment. (For example, one of our techs saving the case day!)

Since we’re the largest mobile provider of ophthalmic services, you’re unlikely to find anyone else with our redundancy of coverage.

In the end, you can choose an outsourcing company that fills their website with stock photography and vague promises … or you can choose us. Sightpath Medical is fully prepared to serve as your partner.

Want to know how else we’re better than our competitors? Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.