Why not give Sightpath another look?

Outstanding service is just the beginning

We worked well before — why not give us a second look?

The 225 employees at Sightpath Medical are pleased to deliver outstanding case days to hospitals, practices and surgical centers across the country. Not only do surgeons have access to top-of-the-line equipment and advanced IOLs, but the combined experiences of our technologists, engineers, clinical specialists and all the Sightpath employees committed to providing worry-free case days and exceptional outcomes for your patients.

Physicians who work with Sightpath Medical don’t just get a big box filled with technology and equipment – they also receive access to an outstanding network of surgical support including manufacturer certified technologists, engineers, and fellow physicians.

We’re not one of those companies who drop off supplies and then fade into the ether. We’re your partner – not your delivery guys.

What do you get when you come back to Sightpath?

  • Cataract, refractive and laser cataract equipment including lasers, instrumentation, IOLs, and more
  • Technologists and engineers who know our equipment like the back of their hand
  • An expert clinical team that can improve efficiency in your OR
  • A network of surgeons willing to answer your toughest questions
  • Peace of mind that your case day will turn out just fine

Want to learn more about Sightpath? See our how we make it easy for surgeons and facilities.