3 Things You Can Do To Grow Your Refractive Business

Like many things in life, growing your practice takes time and patience. Sometimes getting started is the hardest step in your business development plan. Below, we’ve outlined three simple things you can do this month to grow your refractive business.

1. Update (or Start!) Your Social Pages

Refractive patients have become increasingly selective about where they spend their money. Traditional marketing focused on highlighting what a business has to offer – in today’s climate, meanwhile, it’s more important to focus on why your customers should trust you.

Social media and digital platforms are a quick and effective way for you to build this trust with your patients. Sharing content that conveys your values as well as who you are as a provider can establish long-term trust and foster invaluable relationships.

In short, a social page is just another great way to have a conversation! So be sure to regularly update your pages to share a little more about what makes you “you”.

2. Check In with Your Front-of-House Staff

Chances are your staff is already well-trained and comfortable discussing the various services you offer in your practice. However, it may be helpful to consult with them on a regular basis to ensure they have all the tools necessary to do the job well.

Additionally, we always recommend working alongside your surgical coordinators or refractive counselors to make sure they have the information necessary to convert consultations into paying patients. A quick touch-base can quickly and easily identify areas of opportunity.

3. Hit the Pavement

While your digital presence may be the new face of your practice, traditional and grassroots efforts are still highly valuable to growing your business. This may seem daunting, but it’s as easy as grabbing a stack of business cards or brochures and hitting the streets.

To make this task a little easier, we recommend creating a list of the businesses in your area that might make a good referral partner. For instance, are there any small to mid-sized companies that you know of? Gyms or fitness facilities?

Think about your typical refractive patient and where he or she might enjoy spending time, then get out and share the great news: LASIK is life-changing, and you are here to help!

Of course, consistency is key, so we suggest implementing these steps regularly.

Ready for the challenge? Commit to completing these three simple tasks each month for the remainder of the year to see a meaningful impact to your refractive business.

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