Sightpath Medical’s Top 5 Blog Posts of 2017

With the year coming to a close, we’re looking back on all of our blog posts in 2017.

From cataract care on a monkey to winning 14 awards for our marketing and design efforts, we covered a lot of ground! In 2018, we plan to continue sharing ophthalmic updates, marketing tips and furthering our storytelling efforts by bringing in new voices from across the company as well as industry thought leaders. To cap off 2017, we compiled our top 5 most read blogs for you to enjoy! Thank you for being part of another successful year, we look forward to working with you in 2018. 

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Providing Outstanding Cataract Care, Even at the Zoo

Earlier this year, the Akron Zoo joined up with Cleveland Eye Clinic, Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center and VCA Great Lakes Veterinary Specialists to perform cataract surgery on a monkey that weighed barely more than a pound. One of Sightpath’s customers, Dr. William Wiley, led the procedure. Molly Billig, Sightpath surgical technologist, provided her expertise and equipment.



Ophthalmic Competition is for the Birds

Today’s ophthalmologists are expected to perform a variety of impressive feats: they must improve patient care, reduce costs, stay updated on technology and grow patient volume. They also face competition from nearly every direction, including other ophthalmologists, hospitals and corporate providers. Instead of obsessing over the competition, focus inward and strive to provide the best care possible. This can be done in any practice by focusing on improving patient care, learning new technology and considering ways to create a great patient experience.


Stop Rolling in the Low Price LASIK Gutter! 

With the rise of social and digital marketing, patients are inundated with advertisements for LASIK, making it harder to put meaningful content in front of the right prospective patients. Large urban markets typically have several practices or providers that actively advertise for LASIK through Google or other digital channels, often listing low prices. For example, the Greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area has at least EIGHT providers all fighting for top Google billing. 



Sightpath Creative Wins 14 Marketing and Design Awards

Sightpath Medical is pleased to announce that Sightpath Creative has won 14 awards for marketing and design this year for work done with clients across the country. Sightpath Creative is the marketing and creative agency dedicated to helping practices grows their LASIK and refractive business.




Strapped for Space? We Come, We Go, We Take the Equipment with Us.

According to the official spec sheet for the IntraLase iFS Advanced Femtosecond Laser, simply housing the laser requires a room that is at least 10 feet by 10 feet. These space requirements don’t take into account the area needed to store the excimer laser (a piece of equipment that tends to be several meters long and weigh over 1600 pounds), imaging equipment and dozens of other, smaller supplies that are necessary to keep the surgery as accurate and efficient as possible. The storage area must also be kept at a specific temperature and a specific humidity level.